Renovation of the Youth Hall at CDJ

Given the socio-political situation lived in Mahagi and the current need of our response to peace and unity among the different tribes and ethnics, we saw the necessity of renovating our hall at the Youth Centre. This is specifically to respond to the needs of the displaced youths who find themselves in Mahagi due to insecurity, at the same time, to raise the hall to a standard where it would generate some income for its own maintenance. We have a desire of making our youths to be autonomous and assets in the society and develop the sense of human capital in their lives. This will not only empower them, but will bring the sense of belonging to the society and will enhance social cohesion among them and the society at large making them to be self-governing and also find their identity with their entourage.

Additionally, the renovated hall will serve a great purpose of being a meeting point for various youths from different backgrounds regardless of their tribe, religion, sex etc. These meetings are of common interests to the society because they range from peace, unity and cohabitation meetings to youth mentorship, then to sessions on the protection of the children and the vulnerable persons.
Moreover, the renovated hall is of more help because it will provide room for the therapy especially for the youths whom we receive for counselling sessions. These sessions are meant to bring healing to the youth, to enhance their morals and help them find a sense of life despite the daily challenges of life faced. Thus, this hall will be an important arena for these youths to console their broken souls and build their self-esteem through different co-curriculum activities like concerts, dancing competition, sharpening and moulding their talents.
It is great joy for the youth that during the renovation process, a podium has been constructed. This will facilitate workshops, theatre, recreational dances and other activities, all in line with peace and unity to take place in an appropriate environment at the CDJ.
It is also important to note that in our milieu, inter-religious meetings and prayers are held with the highest number possible in an equitable manner as we have various Christian denominations and other faiths surrounding us. Consequently, CDJ’s capacity to host inter-religious meetings and prayers for peace and unity in a conducive environment has been enhanced by the renovation of the hall at CDJ.

As for the few privileged youth who are attaining formal education, this renovation will be of great help to them since the library and study rooms have been refurbished to provide a conducive environment for their studies, reading and deepening their research.

These elements show not only preoccupations of the youths but also our response to them. Thus, underlining its importance. It is an aspiration of this centre to expand its services into various life opportunities and developing the youths for an autonomous life. As we act locally, we try our best to think globally in order to meet the standard of a centre of excellence that enhances youth employability skills which responds to the needs of labour market. This is in view of a goal having a dignified life of our youths. It is, therefore, necessary to recognize the efforts and good intentions to respond to this need and God’s Mission towards the underprivileged displaced youths. In this way, we extend our gratitude to our benefactors and benefactresses who support us always whenever we face such pastoral challenges. Their generosity and care of the vulnerable youth expressed through donations and grants has enabled CDJ to provide the youth with a rehabilitated hall where they can gather and do many of their activities.


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October 15, 2023

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